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Textbooks can be purchased online from the ESF Virtual Bookstore working in partnership with Syracuse University. Please note that all textbook orders are placed through the virtual system and are no longer physically carried in the SU Bookstore. ESF and SU have partnered with E-Campus to bring you a one-stop shopping experience while offering you a variety of pricing and format options. You may choose to have your textbooks shipped to the ESF campus (orders may be picked up in the Alumni Office - 219 Bray Hall) free of charge. Additionally, all textbook order over $59 qualify for free shipping directly to you. Note regarding shipping times: deliveries on the East Coast can expect a 2 day shipping time while others outside that range can expect their orders to arrive in 3-5 days.

Online Ordering Instructions

Go to the ESF Virtual Bookstore ESF Virtual Bookstore and search for your courses.

1) There are two ways to shop for your textbooks - select one of the following options

  • Shop by Schedule (You must sign in with your SU Net ID and password and your current schedule will be loaded into the system)

  • Shop by Courses (Note that all SU and ESF course pre-fixes are listed—be sure you are selecting the correct course)

If shopping by course, populate the department, course and section for each course

When all courses have been entered, select find materials.

2) Refine Your Order and Fill Your 'Cart'

  • Select the textbook you wish to purchase - if text is available in a variety of formats, be sure to choose the desired format.

  • To see what is available on other sites, select "Marketplace Options" which will show you various pricing and formats on other sites that can still be purchased through the virtual bookstore.

  • Once you make your selections, be sure to add items to your cart.

3) Finalize and Place Your Order

  • Review your cart and then proceed to checkout.

  • At check, you may need to select "School Sign In"

    • Sign in using your SU ID and password.

  • For shipping, the Ship to Campus is automatically selected. If you choose to have your textbooks shipped to the ESF Alumni Office (219 Bray Hall) free-of-charge, choose ESF in the "Choose a Location" drop-down menu in the shipping address information.

Please note that any order over $59 automatically ships to any domestic location. If your order is over $59, you may have it shipped directly to you at no additional cost.

4) Complete your Order