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Welcome to CHE

The Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering has officially been changed to the Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE).

New department landing page is available at www.esf.edu/chemeng/

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at ESF

ABET Accreditation ABET Accreditation

The Bioprocess Engineering and Paper Engineering programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. The Bioprocess Engineering program is accredited under the Chemical Engineering Program Criteria while the Paper Engineering program is accredited under the General Program Criteria. Accreditation confirms that our program meets the high standards set by ABET for engineering programs in terms of both curriculum and dedication to continuous improvement of the program.

At ESF, Chemical Engineering is about engineering the future of a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.

Our academic programs leading to BS in Chemical, Bioprocess and Paper Engineering emphasize sustainability, new materials, new products at the interface of chemistry and biology.

World class faculty lead cutting edge research programs in biodegradable polymers and bioplastics, developing new chemistries and technologies for the future bioresource economy and new functional biomaterials.

Our educational programs include intense coursework on engineering science and technologies. They include modern packaging industries, nonwovens and fiber-based products, chemical and bioproducts for the bioeconomy.


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Bioprocess Engineering

The Bioprocess Engineering programs (BS, MS and PhD) educate students in chemical engineering with a focus on the new and modern bioproducts and bioprocesses.

Biological therapeutics, molecular biology-based drugs have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry. Leading biological companies recruit and have employed several graduates, as well as traditional pharmaceutical giants. Career paths in biomanufacturing, control and research and development are popular options young graduates typically pursue.

You are welcome to visit ESF for a tour, open house, information session, and to talk with faculty, staff, and students. If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chemical Engineering

The department offers a new BS Chemical Engineering program beginning in the fall of 2021. This program has been twinned from the BS Bioprocess Engineering which is a fully ABET accredited chemical engineering program.

Fundamental engineering and chemical engineering science courses give the appropriate background for a student to specialize in any particular field of modern chemical engineering with emphasis on Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Materials Science, Environmental Engineering or Paper Engineering.

Sustainable Products - Modern Packaging & Paper Engineering

The modern packaging industry based on sustainable and renewable resources that is also widely recycled, fibers from trees and plants. Produced from an infinitely renewable source and easily recycled, paper has contributed to the rapid advancement of virtually every other industry and continues to profoundly enrich our lives.

Engineers with training in chemical and paper engineering are assuming a leadership role in the technological revolution that is rapidly reshaping our world and creating enormous opportunities for those businesses with the vision and foresight to invest in their future.

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A Close Connection to Industry

The Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation (SPPF) and the Bioprocess Engineering Advisory Board comprised of alumni and supporters of the BS and graduate programs in the department provide close connections to the wide spectrum of industries providing opportunities for our engineers. SPPF provides scholarships to study Paper Engineering at SUNY-ESF as well as provides additional resources for management and professional skills training to students. The meetings of SPPF held at SUNY-ESF provide students with networking opportunities with the leaders of the industry.

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The department's faculty are members of professional societies and are recognized leaders for their contributions to these societies and to the education and research in these academic fields - the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (Tappi) and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

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Chemical Engineering News

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Leading The Way

ESF's Chemical Engineering Department:

  • Offered the first academic courses in pulp and paper in the United States.
  • Was the first educational institution to have an on-campus pilot paper plant.
  • Offers a management minor and computer and information technology that can be taken to enhance any of the programs.
  • Developed the chemiground wood process, which allows the use of hardwoods in paper production.
  • Developed a deinking process that enables recycling of newsprint.
  • Developed a process of making biofuels from wood as a co-product with paper.
  • Features the country's oldest continuously operating degree-granting program in Paper Engineering.

CHE Undergraduates

PE BPE Total
Seniors* 12 44 56
Juniors* 7 11 18
Sophomores 6 10 16
Freshmen 9 9 18
Total 34 74 108

CHE Graduate Students

Program Number
Cert Adv Study 1
MS 11
Ph D 18
Total 31